Market Entry Startup Support Internship


A special partnership between EDGEof and Slush Tokyo to provide startups a tailor-made and cost-efficient market entry solution for Japan.

How It Works

SLUSH Tokyo provides qualified bilingual students as interns.

EDGEof trains the interns, supervises the projects, offers work space, and connects the startups to its network.

The students work on market evaluation and research, business plans and strategy, and act as the local associate for the startup.


For startups

Customized Reports  – Customized reports specifically for the startup. No templates!

Affordable Prices  – By using high-level interns we will keep prices low while keeping quality high.*

Pitch Night   EDGEof will host an event for the interns to present about your startup.

Local Presence  – Since the intern will be bilingual and based in Japan, it will be extremely beneficial in establishing partnerships in Japan.

*For details on pricing, please contact us at

For students

Experience  – Chance to work with innovative startups and game changers from all over the world!

Opportunity  – An opportunity to be employee number one of the Japan office/branch, or perhaps the Country Manager or even CEO!

Meet  – Grow your network with amazing startups, researchers, investors, and other students from EDGEof’s network.

Get Paid  – This is a paid internship, so make some money while meeting cool people and gaining valuable experience!


For Startups